Our mission: To be New Zealand’s leading supplier of future proofed sustainable world-class designs that create ‘inspirational’ places to work and live

With over 30 years of experience in dealing with the International furniture and interior fit out supply sector, Alan and Jeanne Bertenshaw the co-owners of Matisse have forged a reputation unique in New Zealand with the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of quality contemporary furniture for the home and office as well as kitchens, wardrobes and bathrooms.

In order to maintain our world-class reputation, Matisse is committed to only working with manufacturers that produce an all-encompassing level of quality and superior design, providing the highest levels of comfort and unmatched durability over time.


Want to know what really makes a classic? We believe it is important to draw attention to the profusion of knock-offs in the modern classic furniture marketplace. Consumers should be aware of the difference between genuine products manufactured to the letter and spirit of the designer’s specification and those unauthorised, often poorly constructed imitations.

More than a few consumers are unaware that they are buying knock-offs rather than the real thing. We strive to equip buyers with the information they need to identify whether a piece of modern classic furniture is authentic or a fake.

As an example,  only Cassina are licensed to manufacture the Le Corbusier design classics, the genuine pieces manufactured by Cassina have a signature, a serial number and the Cassina logo all engraved onto them, so an absence of these would confirm that it is in fact a knock-off.

Matisse International will only ever promote genuine articles, therefore protecting both the unsuspecting buyer and the intellectual property rights of the original designer and manufacturer, while ensuring the commercial incentive for future innovations.

You have to pay a little more for the quality and durability of the real thing, and unfortunately that’s a fact some people learn the hard way. However at Matisse, our client’s confidently know that their investing in original, durable designs, that will last for generations, not just years, retaining their value as a collectable, not a worthless knock-off.

With the proliferation of Internet websites, catalogues, unauthorised dealers and other non-affiliated sales channels, it is almost impossible to single out every source of counterfeit classics. That is why consumer education plays such an important part.

We encourage buyers to check their products for the signature mark, check the source – by purchasing from an authorised dealer. That way, customers can rest easy knowing they’re getting a product that meets the designer’s intended standards of quality and durability.

“Imitation may indeed be the sincerest form of flattery, but in the domain of classic furniture design it cheats the designers, the manufacturers, the distributors, and ultimately the buyers who believe they’re getting the real thing.”

  The future

With 30 years of working hand-in-hand with our customers, the design community and our suppliers, we realise the powerful impact and importance of ‘place’ in the community.

We recognise the importance of offering a ‘future proofed’ solution and a new range of services that allow our customer’s investment to evolve. Future proofing at Matisse means a product can only be considered acceptable if it can last generations rather than years. To do this it must become a design icon or classic, be built to last, utilise sustainable resources, and be thought of as an investment, not just a luxury.

This has transformed Matisse from a traditional furniture dealer to a long-term partner committed to the customers we serve.

When you work with Matisse, you are selecting a partner to not only provide you with quality furniture, but to also assist you in managing your facilities. With our experience, sound reputation and proven track record, we know that our capabilities will help you to future proof your home or office, but more importantly create an “inspirational” place for you to work and live.

  work with matisse

Matisse International is recognised as the leading supplier of world-class residential, kitchen, bathroom and residential furnishings at the superior quality end of the New Zealand interior fit out market. Our product offerings have been created for those individuals and firms who insist that their home and office furnishings demonstrate a high level of sophistication, luxury, exquisite style, and prestige.

Since 1987, Matisse International has been New Zealand’s premier supplier of some of the world’s most luxurious furnishing names, working extensively with influential manufacturers such as B&B Italia, Poltrona Frau, Armani Casa, Arclinea, Hansgrohe, Herman Miller, and Moroso.

At Matisse, we know that our success is the result of our exceptional team, so we are always on the look out for outstanding talent that will help us stand out from the rest!

Are you drawn to innovative design, attracted to architecture, interested in making places that can respond instantly to customer desire? Are you somebody always interested in the next challenge, and comfortable working within a high-end retail environment?

If this sounds like you, you may want to join us. In return, we offer a dynamic, collaborative, and fun working environment few companies can match. Employees are continually encouraged to further their skills and increase their knowledge base, as well as given opportunities to travel both nationally and internationally.

If you have the drive and talent we are looking for, send your CV in strictest confidence to: