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    Tadaima ConsoleTadaima Console
    Tadaima ConsoleTadaima Console

    Tadaima Console

    Designed by: A+A Cooren
    Manufactured by: ClassiCon

    Year of production: 2017

    With its lightweight, sculptural forms, the Tadaima console by the designer couple welcomes one arriving home. The Japanese word “Tadaima” means as much as “I am back.” Like a bowl or leaf, the console provides space for personal things we carry in our pockets. The sculptural form is both poetic and functional. It elegantly underlines the gesture of placing things down and picking them up again. Inspired by the formal language of a paddle or branch, the lines flow and are at the same time designed to follow the natural movement. Leaned against a wall, Tadaima finds a place even in narrow hallways, witnessing simple Japanese design aesthetics that aim to capture the feel of nature in products while applying contemporary manufacturing techniques to integrate them in our modern life.

    Wall console. Solid oak, natural, brown or black-stained, with clear varnish. Anti-slip transparent plastic profile on the bottom.

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Tadaima Console
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