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    Libreria Del VinoLibreria Del Vino
    Libreria Del VinoLibreria Del Vino

    Libreria Del Vino

    Designed by: Carlo & Franco de Re
    Manufactured by: elite, To Be

    The highest expression of a timeless modular system, the Wine Library fits in different wall sizes, from private kitchens to wineries, cafés or restaurants. It represents the best wine-storage solution, suitable in any convivial spaces. The modular bookcase becomes a unique piece of furniture thanks to both precious woods and a wide range of lacquered finishes based on wine colour shades. Entirely made of laser cut iron, the Library of Wine holds different bottle sizes, in order to guarantee a proper wine storage. Using the single element, it could fit several wall dimensions, thanks to its three sizes, cm 50×50, 75×75, 50×100. The elements have two different thickness: 18 and 34 cm, in order to place the bottles both vertically and horizontally.
    The small volume allows you to fit the elements in any kind of home environments by giving them a unique look. The wine bookcase is also available as floor bookcase. Precious woods and iron mixture create a cosy atmosphere and turns the element into an ideal room divider.
    8 bottles: H 50 x W 50 x D 18 cm
    16 bottles: H 100 x W 50 x D 18 cm
    18 bottles: H 75 x W 75 x D 18 cm
    24 bottles: H 75 x W 75 x D 34 cm
    24 bottles: H 100 x W 50 x D 34 cm
    Ladder: H 220 x W 45 x D 47,5 cm

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Libreria Del Vino
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From Australia where we were born, to Friuli, which has always been our home, In all parts of the world we have collected ideas and inspirations transforming simple objects into design objects. 
In each land a culture, and with it the knowledge of its people. Feelings that come straight from the nature of the materials, from the form, the colours, the history of that place. Europe, the Americas, Africa, Asia: these are the cardinal points of a journey that we have not only chosen, but that has always been part of our DNA, part of our design objects. The true essence of elite, TO BE. www.elitetobe.it/en/