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    Redondo BedRedondo Bed
    Redondo BedRedondo Bed

    Redondo Bed

    Designed by: Patricia Urquiola
    Manufactured by: Moroso

    Year of production: 2018
    A collection with a distinctive two–part shape, the padded shell embraces the huge seat cushions. Its curves are shown off by the total absence of sharp corners and the softness of the fabric, and the quilted decoration where the thread, like the lines of a pencil, draws an elegant three-dimensional form to call to the senses. In its design, Redondo is inspired by 1950s and 60s American cars- their upholstered interiors, the soft curves of their bodywork, and on-the-road comfort for long coast-to-coast drives. To the observer, it is the stage for scenes for everyday life.

    Wooden structure covered with polyurethane foam in varied densities. Slatted base supports adjustable in height, feet are 70 mm high black polypropylene. Accomodates standard European mattresses only. Fabric covers are quilted in a specific pattern designed by Patricia Urquiola and is an integral esthetic of this collection. Redondo beds collection covers are removable.

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Redondo Bed
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Since 1952 Moroso has been designing its sofas, armchairs and accessories with wellknown designers such as Ron Arad, Carlo Colombo, Enrico Franzolini, Marc Newson, Toshiyuki Kita and Patricia Urquiola. Moroso has been constructing its sofas and armchairs aiming at top quality.     www.moroso.it