• Mason Side Table
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    Mason Side Table

    Mason Side Table

    Designed by: Wolfgang C. R. Mezger
    Manufactured by: Walter Knoll

    Year of production: 2011
    Useful and neat. These occasional tables are genuine highlights and render good service wherever they are. In the living room, the foyer or the office. The extensions to the Mason range are quick to hand and always wherever they are needed. As a coffee table in front of the sofa, as a side table next to it. The coloured glass table tops are interesting eye-catchers.

    Technical Information:

    Table top: Solid wood.
    - Nutwood natural, oiled
    Top thickness: 20 mm chamfered to 10 mm.
    Table height: 55,5 cm.

    - Glass nougat
    - Glass black
    Top thickness: 10 mm.
    Table height: 55 cm.
    Base: Flat steel highly polished chrome-plated or in black chrome
    Glides: Fitted with synthetic glides
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Mason Side Table
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