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    Onsa ChairOnsa Chair
    Onsa ChairOnsa Chair
    Onsa Chair

    Onsa Chair

    Designed by: Mauro Lipparini
    Manufactured by: Walter Knoll

    Year of production: 2018
    Like a flower stretching toward the sun.
    As your little retreat, the Onsa Chair creates a soothing feeling of relaxation and harmony, softness and safety. Just like a flower opens its petals in the morning and stretches toward the sun, the chalice – consisting of a bucket seat with armrests – embraces you as you lean back in it, gently yet protectively. The soft upholstery, the high backrest and the height-adjustable stool strike the perfect balance. Recommended for daydreaming, reading, watching TV or listening to music.
    Relax & recharge.
    This armchair calls for relaxation and coziness. Whether you sit up straight, casually lie back in the chair or lie down cozily – your posture will always be right. The secret lies in the subtle softness of the upholstery and in the effortlessly adjustable backrest function: if you lean back in the chair, the bucket seat will open up like a chalice. The back can be fluidly adjusted by pulling the leather strap while the armrests offer optimal support. And there is more: the height-adjustable stool balances your body making sure that pressure is off so that you can comfortably kick back.

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Onsa Chair
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