• Hypóstila Shelving
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    Hypóstila ShelvingHypóstila Shelving
    Hypóstila ShelvingHypóstila Shelving
    Hypóstila ShelvingHypóstila Shelving
    Hypóstila Shelving

    Hypóstila Shelving

    Designed by: Oscar Tusquets Blanca
    Manufactured by: BD Barcelona

    Year of production: 1979 + 1995 + 2019

    BD has always had a special interest in shelving –this auxiliary furnishing that keeps places tidy– and in aluminium too. The Hypóstila shelving was designed in 1979 by Lluís Clotet and Óscar Tusquets, with advice from the engineer Jesús Jiménez, in such a way that it can take heavy loads using minimal sections and achieve an infinity of sizes and arrangements. In 1995, a new shelving model was manufactured, this time based on tubes along the lines of an idea of Enric Miralles.

    Shelves and vertical supports in extruded aluminium, brushed and anodised silver. Fixing metalwork in zinced iron. Feet in cast aluminium anodised silver. Screws in stainless steel Accesories: End pieces in grey plastic End piece in iron painted grey

    • Flat shelf 15.5cm. (max. 250cm. in a single piece)
    • Flat shelf 25cm. (max. 250cm. in a single piece)
    • Length of vertical support: 400cm. as maximum
    • The shelves and vertical supports can be cut to measure according to the customer’s requirements.

    Year of production: 2019 (40th anniversary)

    A fact that guarantees the success of an adventure undertaken by BD’s founders in 1972: the longevity of their designs. Not many companies in the world can show off their products for having completed forty years of marketed life, and that are still full of vitality. The Hypostila shelving is one of them. Lluís Clotet and Oscar Tusquets projected it in 1979 (with the collaboration of Engineer Jesús Jiménez, a specialist in structural calculation) with the idea that it could support heavy weights on minimal profiles whilst acheiving infinite sizes and configurations. Its virtues and appearance - aesthetically neutral has also withstood the test of time. We celebrate its 40th anniversary with a black anodised aluminium elegant edition.

    Brushed and anodised black extruded aluminium shelves and upright supports. Black zinc plated iron fastening tools. Cast aluminium and anodised black support stoppers. Stainless steel screws.


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Hypóstila Shelving
Born in Barcelona in 1941, Oscar Tusquets Blanca, usually presents himself publicly as an architect by training, a designer by adaptation, a painter by vocation and a writer through the desire to make friends. He graduated as an architect in 1965 from Barcelona’s Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura and was a member of Studi Per. He began his work as a designer of furniture and objects with BD in 1972 and won the Spanish National Design Award. A number of his pieces appear in the collections of such major museums as the MoMA in New York and the Centre George Pompidou in Paris.